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"Highest Quality Sessions and Exercises"

 "I first began working with Cindy in an exercise class and was immediately impressed with the high quality of the sessions and their full range of exercises.  I saw her remarkable ability to direct and motivate the whole class and at the same time identify a specific member’s weakness and help with it.  She does all this with tact and humor.  Cindy constructs the classes so that they are different each session and while the workouts are intense, they are actually fun.  

After many classes, I decided that full session personal attention would be even more helpful for me so I began personal training sessions and the results have been very gratifying.  I can see my own progress in specific situations such as going down a crowded T stairway, walking much longer distances, carrying heavy grocery bags, getting into and out of a car easily, and opening difficult jars.  And the special bonus is Cindy’s personality which I would call lovely, light, and fun."

Carolina Kiggins, Beacon Hill

"Highest Strandards, Astute Personal Trainer..."

 "To supplement my group exercise class, I work out with Cindy for 1-hour sessions.  She is a delightful person and an astute personal trainer.  She has given me exercises perfectly suited to my age that address all the issues that accompany the aging process -- arthritis, balance, stiff shoulders and neck. You name it. She understands which exercises work best and bring about good results, which in turn is highly motivating!  Cindy has laid out my sessions onto sheets with clear instructions so that I can easily do them on my own. 

Cindy is committed to the highest standards as a personal trainer.  She is always cheerful, no matter the hour, and makes our sessions fun and appropriately challenging."

Eloise Hodges, Boston

"Best Instructor"

 "Cindy Sullivan is - hand on heart - not only the best fitness instructor I've ever encountered but also the best one I could ever imagine.  With several of us coping with physical signs of the wear and tear that can accompany long and active lives, Cindy manages to accommodate our individual needs in a sympathetic and unobtrusive way while keeping the entire class engaged and functioning as a whole.  Even the most beautifully trained and maintained bodies can be assailed with occasional illnesses, but given her unfailing good cheer, generosity, optimistic air, and concern for her students, one assumes Cindy has never known anything but an existence blessed by Fate. 

There's not a minute when I've attended a class she was conducting when I haven't felt that I was well on my way to becoming a stronger, fitter, and much improved me - all thanks to Cindy's inspiration, skill, and kindness!"

Judith Rosenmier, Back Bay 

"Do What Feels Right for You"

" We leave Cindy Sullivan’s exercise class with our muscles feeling relaxed and renewed. Her stretching, strengthening and cardio exercises are aimed specifically at older citizens; all within our ability to execute. Cindy adds suggestions for deepening each exercise with the firm caveat “If it hurts don’t do it. This is your class, do what feels right for you and provides the benefit you want”. Her instructions are clear, the music gives us added bounce, and Cindy does the exercises with us, always with supportive and positive encouragement. Because it makes us feel so good and we know this is as important a part of healthy ageing as stretching our minds or venturing out of our comfort zone to learn new things, we tell our friends about it and encourage them to come exercise with us.

And they do!"

Susan and Roger Cox, Boston

"Achieve Wonderful Results"

" I have had the pleasure of having Cindy as my personal trainer.  She is a delightful person to work with and her enthusiasm and interest in her work makes training with her fun.  Her creativity in making the exercise program interesting yet helpful. I am impressed with how she listens to my concerns and then comes up with exercises that addresses those concerns. She also does a lot of research into  exercises that are appropriate and always remembers to bring in worksheet so that I do not forget what we have discussed as well as practiced. 

Cindy does make me work, but in such a nice way that I never feel pressured.  If I mention that I have a knee injury she remembers that when we are doing work that might affect the knee.  She's kind, but also set standards that make you want to do your very best. I believe that anyone who has the privilege of working with Cindy will not only be lucky, but will achieve wonderful results. "

Alice Isenberg, Back Bay 

"Knowledge, Expertise and Unflagging Enthusiasm"

"Over the past 2 years, I've had the benefit of Cindy Sullivan's excellent exercise training classes 3-4 times each week in which she has demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the muscular workings of the body as well as a wonderful sense of humor and unflagging enthusiasm.  All my fellow participants in the various classes I've attended uniformly agree that Cindy is a gifted instructor.  I'm confident others would equally benefit and recommend her to everyone."

Elizabeth Murray, Boston

"I Give Her a 10 Plus!"

"Cindy Sullivan is a class act- the best fitness trainer by far I’ve ever encountered. She is endlessly creative (so never boring), energetic, enthusiastic and fun.

She is rightfully in great demand. I give her a 10 plus!"

Barbara Linderman, Boston

"My Strength, Flexibility and Stamina Have Increased"


"Cindy's friendly and encouraging manner makes exercising fun! Her classes include a wide variety of exercises for participants with differing ability levels. 

My strength, flexibility, and stamina have increased since I started taking her classes."

Mary, Beacon Hill

"Kind, Sensitive, and Energetic"

"Cindy, a kind, sensitive, and energetic exercise teacher, has helped me enormously this past year. I joined her class a year after major leg surgery. I was anxious to begin an exercise regime again, but Cindy immediately put my mind at ease.  She has great knowledge and uses many techniques I learned in my own rehab in her class. Cindy knows each member of the class and challenges us, while also being sensitive to what we can not and should not do. She is able to hear our concerns and explains well why some movements may be good to try and some we should avoid. The class is never dull, Cindy mixes in different strength building and yoga movements into each session. There are many levels in our class and Cindy is able to address all of our needs. That, combined with the music arrangements make her exercise class one of the highlights of my week."

Marcia Rothenberg, South End, Boston

"Workout both Fun and Hard'

"Stan and I have been training with Cindy for about a year. Our early morning work-outs start our days on a high note. We take an “active agers” class once a week and train privately with her once a week. I would like to do more because Cindy makes our workout both fun and hard. Our class has people of varying abilities, and Cindy adjusts to each of us so that everyone has a challenging work-out. She changes the moves and the music so that our training is never boring. Cindy is sensitive and very knowledgeable."

Reese and Stan Berman, Boston

"We Highly Recommend Her"

"Cindy Sullivan is a lovely young woman and a terrific exercise trainer.  Both my husband and I work with Cindy.  We each have a complicated and different chronic disease and she has been able to successfully work with each of us.  She is able to alter our work outs depending on what issues are bothering us that day without losing sight of long term goals. She is flexible and not rigid!  All in all, we highly recommend her."

Jane Burke, Back Bay    

"Inspires Achievement of Fitness Goals"

"I'd never had a personal trainer until I met Cindy Sullivan through Beacon Hill Village.  The Village serves an aging population and I fit the profile, being in my early 80's.It's been great to work with Cindy.  I think she empathizes with the aging body and inspire the achievement of one's fitness goals.  She's very personable, too!"

Jane McKinnell, Beacon Hill    

"Seasonsed Fitness Instructor"

"Cindy Sullivan is a seasoned fitness instructor who has crafted a program designed to allow you to create your own personal workout each time you exercise.  Modifications are provided throughtout, making this class accessible to everybody, regardless of experience or fitness level.  Her positive approach makes exercise fun!"

MaryJane Mitchell, South End

"Enthusiastic Progressive Program"

"Cindy's sessions and DVD offer an enthusiastic program with important reminders such as form, stance and breathing.  The Active Agers Program brought a new level of professionalism and excitement to Nantucket.  Thank you for a Special Day!  An excellent program."

GHC, Nantucket and Boston

"So Glad to Have Her in my LIfe"

"It is a delight to be taught by Cindy.  She inspires and is very aware of her clients ableness to perform to the best of their abilities.  I'm so glad to have her in my life. She is the best Personal Trainer who understands what senior fitness really means."

Joan Gladstone, West End

"Addresses my Personal Fitness Needs"

"Cindy addresses my personal in home fitness needs extremely well.  She is upbeat and motivational.  I work out with her in group classes and as my private personal trainer in Beacon Hill.  I always look forward to working out with her."

Susan H.  Beacon Hil  

"Great Workout"

"I love Cindy's exercise class which I attend every Tuesday in Boston.  I was so impressed with her that I hired her as a personal trainer.  Her exercises are varied which make them fun.  By the end of her class I feel like I've gotten a great workout.  Besides being a great instructor, Cindy is personable, warm, and engaging...a truly wonderful person."

Liz G., Back Bay  

"Balance Section is Perfect and Necessary"

"I am using the fitness tape right now and it's wonderful.  I am in Fort Myers Beach - can't wait for my snowbird friends to arrive so that I can share this tape with them.  The exercises are so appropriate for our age range I am sure they will join me at the "clubhouse" without hesitation  Cindy's balance exercise section is perfect and necessary for Seniors.  Throughout the entire program I laugh and talk back at Cindy.  She is so kind and gentle, yet she makes you move.  Love her."

Barbara Kirby, Fort Myers Beach 

"Strong and Energetic"

“I try not to miss a day of class with Cindy.  Her exercise routines, both group and individual, make me feel strong and energetic.  Gone are my troubling kinks and stiffness and I never feel exhausted---just well nourished.  I have been going to exercise classes for many, many years and I have never encountered any teacher that was able to work so effectively with a highly diverse group of students. I often follow-up with the tapes between classes."

Judy Siegel, Back Bay

"Intuitive, Thoughtlful and Responsive"

"Cindy Sullivan combines the talents of a skilled personal trainer in fitness with the gift of sound teaching ability. She is extraordinarily talented in both skills. She is intuitive, thoughtful and responsive to individual needs. She creates a positive atmosphere in which to learn and grow. The benefits of working with Cindy are many -----* helping to build a life-long desire to stay well and fit through exercise * helping to develop strong body-mind connections * helping to develop positive energy and strength to be successful in achieving these goals."

Sonia L.  Beacon Hill