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Personal Training

As Certified In Home Personal Trainers in Boston, we will help you build strength, improve balance & posture, increase endurance and overall health with specialized one-on-one personal training.  We will come to your home or the location of your choice.  Customized training is key to regaining, maintaining or building strength after injury or lifestyle change.  Cindy & Pat have worked with clients of all ages and fitness levels.  

Midlife, Active Agers and Senior Fitness

Cindy & Pat are Advanced Senior Fitness Specialists and love working with clients of all ages and abilities.  Many of their clients dislike big gyms or need to continue exercising after physical therapy ends.  They have created programs to help with Balance, Strength, Posture, Stamina, Flexibility and Cognitive Health, speficially for adults over 50.  Cindy & Pat offer small group classes as well as private training sessions, in the privacy of your own home or location of your choice, to expand Senior Fitness in Boston. 

Group Classes

Join one of Cindy's current fun group classes in Beacon Hill and Back Bay at the University Club of Boston, Longfellow Towers, Hill House or Beacon Hill Village.  You can also grab a few friends and she can create one for you!  She is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor with the American Council on Exercise and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America.

What Clients are Saying....

"Highest Quality Sessions and Exercises"

"I first began working with Cindy in an exercise class and quickly hired her as my personal trainer.  I was immediately impressed with the high quality of the sessions and their full range of exercises.  I saw her remarkable ability to direct and motivate the whole class and at the same time identify a specific member’s weakness and help with it.  She does all this with tact and humor.  Cindy constructs the classes so that they are different each session and while the workouts are intense, the are actually fun.  Read More...

Carolina Kiggins, Beacon Hill 

"Highest Standards, Astute Personal Trainer"

 "To supplement my group exercise class, I work out with Cindy weekly.  She is a delightful person and an astute personal trainer.  She has given me exercises perfectly suited to my age that address all the issues that accompany the aging process -- arthritis, balance, stiff shoulders and neck. You name it. She understands which exercises work best and bring about good results, which in turn is highly motivating!  Cindy has laid out my sessions onto sheets with clear instructions so that I can easily do them on my own.  Read More...

Eloise Hodges, Boston

"Best Fitness Instructor"

 "Cindy Sullivan is - hand on heart - not only the best fitness instructor I've ever encountered but also the best one I could ever imagine.  Cindy manages to accommodate our individual needs in a sympathetic and unobtrusive way while keeping the entire class engaged and functioning as a whole.  Even the most beautifully trained and maintained bodies can be assailed with occasional illnesses, but given her unfailing good cheer, generosity, optimistic air, and concern for her students, one assumes Cindy has never known anything but an existence blessed by fate.  Read More...

Judith Rosenmier, Back Bay 

Meet Cindy

"My goal is to empower YOU to get in YOUR best shape and feel great, regardless of your AGE, SIZE, ABILITY or FITNESS LEVEL.” 

"I've Tried Other Exercise Programs in the Past but this is the Only One That's Worked for Me."

"I highly recommend Cindy Sullivan's Total Body Workout.  Cindy is an incredibly talented fitness instructor.  When you watch her doing the exercises, you an tell she enjoys what she does.  Her instruction is so clear and easy to follow.  I have been doing the entire video in one time because I enjoy it so much but you choose to break it up in segments.  Since doing the exercises, I feel my core has gotten stronger and my balance has improved.  I tried other exercise programs in the past but this is the only one that has worked for me.  Thank you Cindy for making such a great video!"

Liz G., Boston

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Cindy Sullivan Fitness

"I love my clients and meeting new people.  Please let me know how I can help you fulfill your health and fitness goals!"  In health and happiness, Cindy

Beacon Hill, Boston, Massachusetts 02108, United States


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"Cindy, a kind, sensitive, and energetic exercise teacher, has helped me enormously this past year. I joined her class a year after major leg surgery. I was anxious to begin an exercise regime again, but Cindy immediately put my mind at ease.  She has great knowledge and uses many techniques I learned in my own rehab in her class. Cindy knows each member of the class and challenges us, while also being sensitive to what we can not and should not do. She is able to hear our concerns and explains well why some movements may be good to try and some we should avoid. The class is never dull, Cindy mixes in different strength building and yoga movements into each session. There are many levels in our class and Cindy is able to address all of our needs. That, combined with the music arrangements make her exercise class one of the highlights of my week."

Marcia Rothenberg, South End, Boston