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Cindy offers individualized in home personal training in Boston.  Her exercise programs are designed specifically for you.  Workouts are upbeat, fun and ever-changing! Find out what it is like to train with a caring and knowledgeable personal trainer who helps you strive to reach your fitness goals through encouragement, positive thinking and personal accountability.  Cindy provides the best in home fitness in Boston. 

"Achieve Wonderful Results"


"I have had the pleasure of having Cindy as my personal trainer for over two years.  She is a delightful person to work with and her enthusiasm and interest in her work makes training with her fun.  Her creativity in making the exercise program interesting yet helpful. I am impressed with how she listens to my concerns and then comes up with exercises that addresses those concerns. She also does a lot of research into exercises that are appropriate and always remembers to bring in worksheet so that I do not forget what we have discussed as well as practiced. 

Cindy does make me work, but in such a nice way that I never feel pressured.  If I mention that I have a knee injury she remembers that when we are doing work that might affect the knee.  She's kind, but also set standards that make you want to do your very best. I believe that anyone who has the privilege of working with Cindy will not only be lucky, but will achieve wonderful results. "

Alice Isenberg, Back Bay